Sunday, 3 May 2009

Happy Bank Holiday

It's Sunday morning and I am sitting here in my night wear hoping the pain would go away.
I had to go to the hospital yesterday as it seems something went wrong after my operation and now unless I am dopped up with pain killers I am in agony. Hopefully it will be sorted when I go to the hospital again on Thursday.
Anyway I hope all those that are doing craft fairs this weekend do really well and make plenty of sales. I was supposed to be having a stall at the Transport Museum in Coventry so if anyone stood this fair or knows anyone that did I would be interested in hearing how it went.
Thankyou to those that are now followers of my blog at least I know someone is reading it LOL.
I have been making another freeform bag and dabbling with a bit of felting so I will get hubby to take some pics and post them later.
Anyway that's enough of me for now.
Big Hugs to all.

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