Sunday, 26 April 2009

Bored of sitting on my bum

Well it is a week now since I had my operation and up until now everything seems to have worked. I am not allowed to do loads of things which is really hard, you go in the kitchen to make a cuppa and see the tea towel on the floor you are going to bend and pick it up. I am not allowed to bend, stretch or lift mmmm ok so what is there left that I can do LOL. So basically I have sat on my butt and just crocheted and then crocheted some more, you might think well that's not so bad but believe me it will drive you nuts eventually especially if like me you have a hubby and 3 kids that walk over things instead of picking them up.

Ok I have now bored you with my moaning and put you off coming back, well hopefully I haven't and you will keep coming and checking back.

Oh if you want a laugh take a look at the video clip I have added, it is my hubby and his colleagues at the 2009 Queen convention doing the staff act. My hubby is the one in the leathers enjoying himself a little too much.

Hvave a great weekend and enjoy the sun.

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