Sunday, 5 April 2009

The sun haas got his hat on.

It's a gorgeous Sunday morning and I am sitting inside with a stinking headache :( come on pills hurry up and work.
I finally finished the lilac dress and it is in Dubai as we speak and then going to Russia, now that is one travelled dress. I have now finished the christening outfit so that is all ready for when the baby is born in a couple of weeks time, apparently indian babies are christened at 6 days old. There you go you learn something new every day LOL.
I have enquired at the Leicester Market about having a stall as they are doing good deals for new traders, that has now got me really fired up and raring to go. So I am busy making lists of what I need for the stall and price lists, I have decided to perhaps do the stall at the end of May as this will give me a month to recover from my surgery that I am due to have later this month.
Hopefully later I can up date the pics and you can tell me what you think of the outfits.
Enjoy your Sunday and hopefully the sun.

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