Monday, 11 May 2009

Kyra Comes Home

This week I have a new edition to the family, please welcome Kyra. She is 11 weeks old and is gorgeous, she is a Yellow sided green cheeked Conure. She came home Sunday and has settled down really well, she loves coming out of her cage for a cuddle and at the moment seems to like pooing on my laptop LOL (mmmmm do they make nappies small enough for a bird).
She has met everyone in the family now and we all love her except that is for the cat who is petrified which has shocked me and the dog who isn't sure about her at the moment.
I have also recieved a couple of photo's of the christening gown I made for Azra's Grandaughter and as promised I have added them so you can see it.
I have to go back hospital this week for an MRI as they think the op didn't work so that means I will probably have to go through it again :( I will have to postpone standing at craft fairs for even longer.
Oh well these things are ment to try us and this certainly is very trying LOL.
Have a great week.

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